Low Cost Spay and Neuter Programs

Oregon Programs

Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund Portland- offers coupons for low cost spay and neuter to be redeemed at participating veterinary clinics throughout Oregon.

Portland Animal Welfare Team- offers assistance for the homeless or those in severe poverty.  Services include spay/neuter as well as food, parasite prevention products and general veterinary care  

Spay and Save- assistance for low income cat owners in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Clark counties. Prices are based on income, $10 if receiving government assistance, $49 spay or $33 neuter for people not receiving government assistance.  

Homeward Bound- assistance for residents in Yamhill county receiving government assistance- Cats $35, dog neuter $70, dog spay $75. Pets from individuals not receiving government assistance- prices range from $50-$140.

Willamette Human Society Spay and Neuter Clinic- offers assistance to pet parents in the Salem area.  Cat spay- $65, neuter- $45.  Dog spay- $100, neuter- $80.  Feral cat program also available. 

Columbia Human Society- offers assistance to the community, call 503.397.4353 for more information

Bend Spay and Neuter Project- assistance for those in the Bend area.  Cat spay- $45, neuter- $40.  Dog spay- $80, neuter- $70, additional $15 for dogs over 100 pounds.  Vaccination and parasite prevention assistance available as well.

Prevent a Litter (PAL)- offers spay/neuters to Salem area residents for a $25 co pay and provides training rewards through Pet Village in Salem.  Pre-approved participants get reimbursed $45 of the $85 course upon completion of the training program.  Call 503.409.2543 for more information

Rabbit Advocates- offers assistance locating clinics that work on rabbits. They also offer financial assistance. Call 503.617.1625 for more information. 

Washington Programs

Human Society of Cowlitz County- has a low cost cat spay and neuter program for residents with a qualifying income.  Spay is $50 and neuter $35.  Call 360.578.9691 for more information.

Justice for Animal Welfare Society- offers assistance to Clark county residents with pets under 50 pounds.  Call 360.693.8521 for more information.

Kitsap Human Society- this program is open to residents who have a qualifying income.  See the website for more information and to fill out an application.  Feline spay- $50, neuter- $30.  Canine spay- $70-$110 and neuter- $70-$120.

Northwest Spay and Neuter Center- offers affordable services for dogs, cats and rabbits in the Tacoma and surrounding area. Prices ranging from $35-$125.  Visit their website or call 253.627.7729 for more information.

People United for Animals- assistance for residents in Clark, Cowlitz, and Clackamas counties and parts of North Portland with pets over 50 pounds. Coupon to be redeemed at participating veterinary practices with $20 copay for cats and $25 for dogs. Call 360.887.0670 for more information.

Second Chance Companions- offers assistance to residents in Clark county and surrounding communities.  Coupons available with suggested donation of $30 feline neuter, $40 feline spay, $50 canine neuter, $60 canine spay.