Feline Neutering

We are excited to now offer a feline neuter package through our mobile service.  This procedure is for male cats at least 3 months of age.

Our feline neuter package is $60 and includes:

  • Injectable sedation and reversal
  • Lidocaine local testicular block for additional pain control
  • Surgical neuter procedure
  • Post-op pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • An elizabethan collar

This procedure can be performed through our vaccine clinic or house call services.  When bringing a cat to a vaccine clinic the pet must arrive in a secure carrier.  We will be unable to accept patients for neutering if they are not brought in a secure carrier.  Please plan to drop your cat off during the first hour of the clinic and we will give you a call as soon as he is ready to pick up.  Because we want to make sure your pet has recovered safely from the procedure before going home we are unable to accept patients for neutering during the last 30 minutes of any vaccine clinic. Please note the neuter package pricing does not include a house call fee, please call or email for a house call estimate.