Additional Services

Anal Gland Expression

Some pets occasionally need their anal glands expressed.  If your pet has been scooting or licking it's back side it may be time to have the glands checked before they become infected or rupture.- $20

Ear Swab and Microscopic Exam

If your pet has been itching it's ear, shaking their head, you notice an order coming from their ears or they appear dirty your pet may have an ear infection.  This test will determine the cause of the infection and how best to treat it. $30

Ear Hair Removal

Some breeds, especially poodles or poodle mixes can have a lot of hair growing deep in the ear canal.  This hair can trap debris and moisture increasing the risk of an ear infection.  Routine ear hair removal can reduce this risk.  $20

Ear cleaning

Removal of debris and flushing with ear cleaning solution. This is a cleaning procedure only and will not diagnose or treat infected ears.  $15

Interstate Health Certificate

This certificate is required for airline travel and should be completed within 10 days of travel. Please bring documentation of most recent rabies vaccination for pets over 18 weeks of age.  If you are vaccinating with OMVS, we will supply necessary paperwork.  $75

Skin Scrape with Microscopic Exam

This test checks checks for mites such as demodex and scabies.  $30