Vaccine Clinic Information

Please bring a copy of your pet's previous vaccine history, previous rabies certificate, or rabies license renewal notice or we will only be able to make the vaccines good for the minimum amount of time: 1 year for rabies and 4 weeks for all other vaccines.  

Vaccine clinics take place at locations throughout Oregon and Washington. Clinics are conducted in our customized Sprinter van which provides all the comfort and security of a fixed location while allowing us the freedom to travel wherever our services are needed. If you are just needing an exam on your pet and not making a purchase at the time of the visit there is a $35 exam fee.  

During our vaccine clinics there is no exam fees as long as a purchase is made for each pet being seen at the time of the visit.  See our Services page for a list of available vaccines, services, and pricing.  If you are unsure what vaccines your pet needs visit our Vaccine Schedules page for recommendations.

The doctor will conduct a brief physical exam to ensure your pet is healthy enough to receive vaccines.  Sick, pregnant, or nursing animals may not be vaccinated.  If your pet has any specific health concerns that we are unable to address we can refer you to the nearest full service clinic.

If your pet has a history of vaccine reactions please notify our receptionist when checking in.  See our vaccine reactions page for more information.

We welcome well behaved cats and dogs on leashes or in carriers.  For the safety of our feline patients all cats should be in a carrier and must not be removed from the carrier until they are in the secure exam room.  Oregon Mobile Veterinary Services Inc and it's staff are not responsible for lost pets.

If your pet may be aggressive please notify our receptionist when checking in.  We try our best to work safely with all pets. However we do reserve the right to refuse service to pets that present a significant danger to our staff.

Payment is due in full at the time of services.  We accept cash, debit and credit cards, and Care Credit.  We are unable to accept personal checks for payment.

If you are new to the OMVS vaccine clinic visit our new client page to find out what you can expect on your first visit.  New clients are encouraged to submit a new client form and additional pet forms if needed at least 24 hours before your visit.